Matti Malkamäki Cooperative Viexpo Export Ambassador 2023


Matti Malkamäki Cooperative Viexpo Export Ambassador 2023

Viexpo, a Finnish export co-operative, has awarded Matti Malkamäki, Chairman of the Board of Hycamite TCD Technologies, with the title "Export Ambassador 2023".

"It is with great pleasure and pride that we celebrate a true visionary and pioneer of Finnish business - Matti Malkamäki from Hycamite in Kokkola. This year's deserving recipient of the Viexpo Export Ambassador award is a person who has not only promoted exports and developed business, but has also changed the playing field and put Finland and three regions on the world map with his exceptional work," Viexpo announces.

Viexpo is an independent, not-for-profit cooperative, founded in 1970, whose core business is to help SMEs to reach the world. Its core mission is to advise companies in all sectors on export and internationalisation.

"Matti Malkamäki's hard work and tireless dedication have put Finland among the global leaders in hydrogen technologies. His pioneering work in this field has not only opened up new opportunities for companies and innovations in Finland, but has also pointed the way forward for the way we think about sustainable development and energy technology globally," Viexpo continues.

"At a time when hydrogen technologies are increasingly central to solving the world's energy problems, Matti Malkamäki has been a pioneer and advocate for this technology. Through Hycamite, together with his entire staff, he has not only implemented and promoted the use of hydrogen technology in various industries, but has also been an active lecturer and discussant in international markets. By sharing his knowledge and vision, he has been an important voice that has put Finland at the heart of the global sustainable energy debate.”

“But Matti Malkamäki is not only a great businessman and technology pioneer - he is also a great human being and a champion of inclusion and diversity. He understands that people are the most important tool for a successful organisation, and that diversity is the key to innovation and progress.”

“Matti Malkamäki is appointed Viexpo's Export Ambassador 2023 for his exceptional work in promoting hydrogen technologies, putting Finland on the world stage and as an inspiring leader and role model. His contribution has not only benefited businesses and industry, but has also had a lasting positive impact on Finland as a whole. We congratulate Matti Malkamäki on his appointment as Viexpo's Export Ambassador and look forward to the success and innovation he and the entire Hycamite community will bring."



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