Larger hydrogen production facilities for Hycamite in Finland


Larger hydrogen production facilities for Hycamite in Finland

Hycamite TCD Technologies, formerly known as Hydrogenius, has opened a new, larger laboratory. New facilities enable Hycamite to significantly increase its testing and production capacity.

New facilities have been opened in Kokkola, Finland. At the area there are several companies using hydrogen for their industrial processes. Hycamite collaborates with these as well as industry using different forms of pure carbon.
With the unique method based on thermo-catalytic decomposition, Hycamite produces hydrogen and carbon from methane and biogas with sustainable catalysts. Different allotropes of pure carbon can be produced in the process, depending on the customer’s needs.
The Hycamite concept of hydrogen and carbon production is decentralized, which helps to solve challenges with transport and storage of hydrogen.
Hycamite is a part of BotH2nia, a new Nordic hydrogen valley built around the Gulf of Bothnia with exceptional wind and hydropower resources, steel and chemical industries requiring hydrogen, over 15 international harbours and world-class infrastructure for energy industry.
New Hycamite methane decomposition technology has been developed in collaboration with the University of Oulu and the University of Tampere in Finland.
For more information:
Laura Rahikka
CEO of Hycamite
Tel. + 358 40 7236101


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