Hycamite supports the European Industrial Green Deal


Hycamite supports the European Industrial Green Deal

Hycamite has signed the Antwerp Declaration for a European Industrial Deal. The undersigned companies and organisations express their full support for a European Industrial Deal to complement the Green Deal and keep high quality jobs for European workers in Europe.

The Declaration calls to Member State Governments, the next European Commission and Parliament to:

  • 01 Put the Industrial Deal at the core of the new European Strategic Agenda for 2024-2029.
  • 02 Include a strong public funding chapter with a Clean Tech Deployment Fund
  • 03 Make Europe a globally competitive provider of energy.
  • 04 Focus on the infrastructure Europe needs.
  • 05 Increase the EU’s raw materials security
  • 06 Boost demand for net zero, low carbon and circular products.
  • 07 Leverage, enforce, revive and improve the Single Market
  • 08 Make the innovation framework smarter
  • 09 A new spirit of law-making.
  • 10 Ensure the structure allows to achieve results.

Read the full Antwerp Declaration at https://antwerp-declaration.eu/



Methane Pyrolysis

Our proprietary technology is based on the thermocatalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane molecules.

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Clean hydrogen

Hycamite decarbonises industrial production by replacing existing steam methane reforming (SMR) process in hydrogen production.

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Solid carbon

The Hycamite carbon products are based on electrically conductive carbon nanoproducts making them ideal for demanding applications.

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