Hycamite selects Envineer as its environmental consultant for its hydrogen production plant

20.10.2021 08:54

Hycamite selects Envineer as its environmental consultant for its hydrogen production plant
Hycamite TCD Technologies has selected Envineer as its environmental consultant for the construction of an industrial pilot plant for hydrogen production. Envineer is responsible for applying for a Hycamite pilot plant license for activities undertaken on an experimental basis, conducting environmental reviews and environmental impact assessments, and initiating environmental certification work.

At the pilot plant, Hycamite is testing its new hydrogen production technology on an industrial scale. By decomposing methane molecules from natural gas and biogas, Hycamite manufactures not only hydrogen but also pure solid carbon suitable for industrial use. Hydrogen and carbon production do not generate greenhouse gas emissions.

Hycamite's new pilot plant will be located in Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP), which is the largest concentration of the inorganic chemical industry in Northern Europe. Construction work on the new pilot plant is scheduled to begin next year.

‘We chose Envineer because of their strong expertise in environmental planning. The depth of their expertise is particularly important for a company like ours, which wants to grow rapidly and at the same time operate in an environmentally sustainable way,’ said Laura Rahikka, CEO of Hycamite.

‘We have a common goal to find the most environmentally sustainable solutions. It’s great that we can offer Hycamite a wide range of environmental consulting services for different phases of the project. We are more than excited to become Hycamite's partner on a journey towards a future of cleaner energy,’ said Chief Specialist Toni Uusimäki from Envineer.

Hycamite aims to launch large-scale hydrogen production with its new technology over the next couple of years. The hydrogen produced by Hycamite can be used, among other things, for emission-free energy production and various industrial processes. Production will allow companies to switch to hydrogen in the next few years, even though the wind-produced hydrogen on the market will not be sufficient to meet the growing demand for a long time to come.

The struggle to curb the greenhouse effect is now rapidly increasing the demand for hydrogen. Hydrogen combustion does not generate greenhouse gas emissions but only pure water vapor. Hydrogen can be used both as an energy source to balance fluctuations in the amount of electricity produced by wind power and as a raw material for the chemical industry. For example, it can also be used to produce synthetic fuels to replace jet fuel made from oil, diesel, and petrol.