Hycamite joins NAATBatt International


Hycamite joins NAATBatt International

Hycamite has been accepted as a member of NAATBatt International, the advocate for advanced battery technology in North America.

NAATBatt International promotes the development and commercialization of electrochemical energy storage technology and the revitalization of advanced battery manufacturing in North America.

Hycamite joins NAATBatt International to strengthen its relationships in an industry that will help shape the 21st Century. Vehicle technology, renewable energy, light aviation, maritime propulsion systems, robotics, medical devices, consumer electronics and the Internet of Things will all depend on electricity supplied by advanced battery technology.

NAATBatt International is a vehicle for making contacts in and getting current market intelligence about the advanced battery industry and the advanced battery supply chain in North America. NAATBatt meetings, events and conferences are where senior executives go to learn about what is new in battery technology and how those developments can benefit their bottom lines.

Battery technology is arguably the most important technology of the 21st Century. Properly understood, battery technology is about providing electric power to a wide range of devices and technologies that will shape human society over the next hundred years without the need for an electric cord. Vehicle technology, renewable energy, aviation, maritime propulsion systems, robotics, telecommunications infrastructure, medical devices, consumer electronics and the “Internet of Things” will all depend on disconnected access to electric power.

More importantly, advances in those other technologies depend on, and will be paced by, advances in battery technology. Making better vehicles, power grids, aircrafts , medical systems, consumer devices and the like all depend upon increasing the ability of batteries to store more and more energy in less and less mass. Developing and manufacturing better batteries will be one of the key technology challenges of the 21st Century.

NAATBatt is where you companies learn what is going on in batteries and who is making the progress happen. By joining NAATBatt International, Hycamite supports the development of new battery technologies and grows the critically important advanced battery industry in North America.



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