Hycamite becomes Kokkolan Energia’s gas customer

14.06.2021 13:45

Hycamite becomes Kokkolan Energia’s gas customer
Hycamite TCD Technologies, which produces hydrogen and clean solid carbon from natural gas, buys natural gas from Kokkolan Energia. Hycamite and Kokkolan Energia have entered into a letter of intent. The agreement on the future supply of gas confirms Kokkolan Energia’s plans to become a major industrial gas supplier in its area.
Kokkolan Energia’s operations include the traditional production, sale and distribution of electricity, heat and steam. Kokkolan Energia’s operations also include development projects in the field of renewable energy. The construction of a natural gas terminal in the Kokkola Industrial Park (KIP) and the promotion of gas use support Kokkolan Energia’s goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the region.
‘Hycamite produces hydrogen and clean, industrial carbon by breaking down methane molecules from natural gas and biogas. Our process is emission-free, as carbon separates from the gas in a solid form. We entered into a letter of intent with Kokkolan Energia for our first production plant. The hydrogen we produce can be used, among other things, for clean energy production and various industrial processes. Combustion of hydrogen does not generate greenhouse gas emissions, but only clean water vapour’, says Laura Rahikka, CEO of Hycamite.
Hycamite’s new test facilities are currently being built in the KIP. Home to several top companies in the chemical and metal processing industries, the KIP comprises Northern Europe’s largest concentration of firms in the inorganic chemical industry.
‘Thanks to Hycamite’s customer base, we can make progress in building a liquefied natural gas terminal and gas distribution network in Kokkola. With the new gas business, we want to both provide new opportunities to reduce CO2 emissions and, in the future, also offer our customers renewable energy, such as biogas or even synthetic, zero-emission methane. ‘Industry processes can utilise the gas we import to replace raw materials and fuels that would otherwise produce more emissions and be more harmful to the environment’, concludes Mikko Rintamäki, CEO of Kokkolan Energia.