Finnish Minister of Science visits Hycamite

02.11.2021 11:31

Finnish Minister of Science visits Hycamite
Growing hydrogen business requires more hydrogen experts, agreed the Minister of Science and Culture of Finland, Mr. Antti Kurvinen and the Hycamite team lead by COB Matti Malkamäki and CEO Laura Rahikka. Minister Kurvinen visited yesterday the Hycamite test facility for hydrogen production in Kokkola, Finland. Here, Hycamite is conducting further research and testing on its unique techniques for producing hydrogen from natural gas without carbon dioxide emissions.

Minister Kurvinen and the Hycamite team also discussed the opportunities of the carbon production. Hycamite’s solid pure carbon with exacting properties can be used, for example, in the manufacture of electric car batteries and in the electronics industry. Thus, in addition to the development of the hydrogen industry, Hycamite's production also supports the development of electric battery production in Finland.

The Finnish Government is increasing its support for launching a large-scale hydrogen economy of Finland. Minister Kurvinen is committed to developing research for it. For Finland, the focus is both on sustainable development and decarbonising industry as well as on creating growth business and new job opportunities.