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decarbonising industry

Hycamite is decarbonising industry using its proprietary methane pyrolysis technology. It provides its industrial clients with low-carbon hydrogen and sustainable carbon products for demanding applications.

From natural gas to low-carbon hydrogen

Industry uses 500 million tonnes of natural gas annually, and burning 1 kg of natural gas releases 2.75 kg of CO₂ into the atmosphere. Decarbonising our use of natural gas will make a tremendous difference to our planet’s future. Using Hycamite’s technology, clients can gradually increase their use of hydrogen in natural-gas-based processes.

Hycamite can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from hydrogen production

SMR hydrogen production has high CO₂ emissions

SMR: steam methane reforming
Production of 1 kg SMR hydrogen releases around 9 kg CO₂ into the atmosphere, producing 720 - 820 million tonnes of CO₂ emissions yearly from SMR hydrogen production.

Thermo-catalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane is an effective and affordable method for clean hydrogen production. Using TCD, Hycamite breaks down methane with proprietary catalysts and heat. Methane from natural gas, biogas or industrial side streams can be used in pyrolysis.

The hydrogen produced with Hycamite’s technology is carbon neutral. Hycamite has developed a cutting-edge carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology. Hydrogen production can even be carbon negative, if methane from biogas or synthetic methane made with carbon captured from the atmosphere is used.

A tremendous difference to our planet’s future

Currently the industry produces almost all of its hydrogen with SMR. For that, the industry uses some 250 million tonnes of natural gas annually to produce hydrogen. The gas is needed to produce some 90 million tonnes of hydrogen.

Current hydrogen production methods are CO₂-intensive

CCUS: carbon capture, use and storage


Low-cost, low-carbon and scalable hydrogen production

High-quality, sustainable carbon for demanding applications



Hycamite supports the European Industrial Green Deal


Hycamite supports the European Industrial Green Deal

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Meet the Decarbonizers - Matti Malkamäki


Meet the Decarbonizers - Matti Malkamäki

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Methane Pyrolysis

Our proprietary technology is based on the thermocatalytic decomposition (TCD) of methane molecules.

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Clean hydrogen

Hycamite decarbonises industrial production by replacing existing steam methane reforming (SMR) process in hydrogen production.

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Solid carbon

The Hycamite carbon products are based on electrically conductive carbon nanoproducts making them ideal for demanding applications.

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