Hydrogenius on Yle – Hydrogenius to launch a small scale pilot


Yle, the Finnish Broadcasting Company, published a story about Hydrogenius.

Hydrogenius has developed a method to produce low-carbon hydrogen, tells Yle. The thermocatalytic process (TCD technology) generates pure hydrogen from natural gas or biogas by removing carbon, leaving hydrogen.
Carbon can be used as a raw material in the battery and electronics industries, for example.
In energy production, hydrogen is used to get rid of carbon dioxide emissions. Solutions are usually based on electrolysis using electricity generated by solar or wind power. Two of the founders, CEO Laura Rahikka and Chairman of the Board Matti Malkamäki, shed light on the fact that the technology developed at Hydrogenius will produce low-carbon hydrogen without a large wind farm.
Hydrogenius’ hydrogen production model is also decentralized, eliminating the need to transport and store hydrogen.
To develop the solution, the company has collaborated with the University of Oulu's Applied Chemistry Research Group led by Professor Ulla Lassi and the University of Tampere.
Read the interview in Finnish here Start up -yritys kehittää tekniikkaa vähähiilisen vedyn tuottamiseksi – Kokkolan suurteollisuusalueelle rakentuu pilottilaitos



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