Hydrogenius is here!

10.11.2020 11:00

Hydrogenius is here!
Hydrogenius has been lauched to provide technology for producing clean hydrogen and pure carbon. Hydrogenius is a privately-owned company that commercializes technology developed by several European universities. The new company is headquartered in Kokkola, Finland.

Hydrogenius decompose the methane from natural gas or biogas into its elemental components— hydrogen and carbon. We release no emissions into the atmosphere and offer the components in a usable form for industries worldwide.

The company’s innovative net-zero emissions technology is an answer to growing demand within industry for sustainable energy, crucial raw materials, and decarbonized industrial processes.

With Hydrogen, a company can replace CO2-emitting natural gas or other fossil fuels with sustainable, emissions-free hydrogen. When processing biomethane with our unique Hydrogenius technology, you can even create a carbon sink.

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