Hydrogenius in Kauppalehti - Finland has to invest in low-carbon hydrogen


Hydrogenius in Kauppalehti - Finland has to invest in low-carbon hydrogen

Matti Malkamäki, the Hydrogenius Chairman of the Board, was interviewed by the leading Finnish business newspaper Kauppalehti.

So far, hydrogen has been produced using technologies that cause significant CO2 emissions.
“If emissions are eliminated, hydrogen production becomes climate-friendly”, says Matti Malkamäki in the interview.
The technological solution for the production of low-carbon hydrogen in Finland can be found at Hydrogenius in Kokkola.
The company utilises technology developed by the University of Oulu. It is based on the catalytic decomposition of methane, the main component of natural gas, into hydrogen and carbon (TCD Hydrogen).
According to Malkamäki, the production method has already proven to be effective in reducing emissions from hydrogen production.
Read the interview in Finnish here Vetyalan sarjayrittäjä toivoo Suomelta satsauksia vähähiiliseen teknologiaan



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