Hydrogenius changing to Hycamite TCD Technologies

29.03.2021 07:00

Hydrogenius changing to Hycamite TCD Technologies
We changed our name to emphasise the focus both on hydrogen and carbon production. Feel free to call us simply Hycamite.
To combat climate change, hydrogen is needed much more and faster than what can be produced by electrolysis. The unique method we developed with the University of Oulu is the answer to this.
Electric car batteries, the electronics industry, new materials and the chemical industry, for example, need increasingly clean carbon. We can produce it in high quality in the form needed by the industry and at the same time reduce our dependence on imports of critical materials.
With our new name, we also want to tell about our technology. TCD Technologies refers to thermo-catalytic decomposition, the method we use to produce hydrogen and carbon from methane in a sustainable way.
We want to give the world sustainable access to hydrogen as a zero-emission energy carrier and carbon as a versatile raw material.